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An internal wisdom lives in your heart, ready to act as a compass on life's journey. When you hear the call to release old patterns and create empowerment and well-being in your life, you are listening to this inner wisdom-keeper. Within you is everything you need to transform your life. I believe the challenges we face offer us the opportunity to grow, heal ourselves, and offer this wisdom gained in service to others. This is your medicine of lived experience. I am here as counselor, teacher, and guide-a spiritual midwife of sorts-to assist you in this journey.

I provide integrative counseling to individuals, couples, and families that seeks to address the needs of the whole person: mind body heart + spirit. With a foundation of counseling dialogue, our work together will really move the energy of your life by integrating Shamanic Breathwork™, healing energy work, and experiential journeys tailored just for you. Support services are offered with in-person and distance-based formats.


Find out how Psychospiritual Counseling and Shamanic Breathwork can support your life.

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New in 2017
Shamanic Wisdom for Pregnancy and Parenthood: Practices to Embrace the Transformative Power of Becoming a Parent

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