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An internal wisdom lives in your heart, ready to act as a compass on life's journey. When you hear the call to release old patterns and create empowerment and well-being in your life, you are listening to this inner wisdom-keeper. Within you is everything you need to transform your life. I believe the challenges we face offer us the opportunity to grow, heal ourselves, and offer this wisdom gained in service to others. This is your medicine of lived experience. I am here as counselor, teacher, and guide-a spiritual midwife of sorts-to assist you in this journey.

I provide integrative counseling to individuals, couples, and families that seeks to address the needs of the whole person: mind body heart + spirit. With a foundation of counseling dialogue, our work together will really move the energy of your life by integrating Shamanic Breathwork, healing energy work, and experiential journeys tailored just for you. I offer the following services and courses with in-person and distance-based formats:

Shamanic Counseling
Find greater harmony in your life, empower yourself, and live from the heart.

Shamanic Breathwork™, Energy Healing & Body Work
Utilize the breath and energy centers of your body to journey, vision, and powerfuly transform your life.

Sacred Purpose Coaching
Empowering coaching to explore and build your authentic work and creative expression! This coaching program can be taken for credit with Venus Rising University.

Psychospiritual Pregnancy & Birth Preparation
Empower your inner Sacred Feminine energy, connect with your growing child, and prepare for your birth journey using the shamanic wisdom of nature. 

Fertility & Miscarriage Counseling
For many, the sacred journey of parenthood includes challenges, loss, and the opportunity to heal and grow. Nurture yourself and gain whole person perspective about this important life passage.

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Call or email me today to talk more about how you can enrich your healing journey. It is important to me to offer affordable and tailored services, so that we can each be the change we wish to see in the world!

Anna Cariad-Barrett is a psychospiritual counselor, author, shamanic minister, and teacher. Her educational background includes a Doctorate of Ministry and a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She co-authored the book Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm, and Spider (ITI/Bear & Co. 2013) and is a faculty member at Venus Rising University. Anna offers a counseling practice located in Minneapolis, MN with distance-based options, and teaches online and in-person courses that focus on whole person transformation, nature-based wisdom, and sacred purpose. 

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