Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm & Spider

Shamanic teachers of the instar medicine wheel

Anna Cariad-Barrett, DMin
Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. 2013

Our insect brothers and sisters are some of the most ancient beings and teachers on planet Earth. Their powerful skills of adaptation and their plight, such as the widespread colony collapse facing honeybees, have brought them to the forefront of collective consciousness, as every being on Earth faces a time of incredible transformation. The archetypal energies of these sacred Wisdomkeepers can guide us through this evolutionary time with new pathways of shamanic healing and transformation to realize the highest potential of humanity. 

Exploring the insect and arachnid archetypes of the Sacred Instar Medicine Wheel, authors Linda Star Wolf and Anna Cariad-Barrett reveal the consciousness-activating patterns in the pollen flight of Honeybee, the transformative chrysalis of Butterfly, the creative weavings of Spider, and the alchemical recycling of old into new of Earthworm. They show how Dragonfly, Cicada, and Cricket connect us with the Great Star Nations, the depths of Mother Earth, and the music of life, as demonstrated on the accompanying CD. Each chapter includes experiential practices, such as Shamanic Breathwork journeys, to help you embody the strengths of these humble teachers, live within the natural cycles of planet Earth, and discover a higher octave of sacred purpose.

Acclaim for Sacred Medicine:
“Linda Star Wolf and Anna Cariad-Barrett bring a unique and fresh perspective to the teachings of the medicine wheel—weaving in how bee, butterfly, earthworm, and spider are essential to understanding transformation and evolution. This is a beautiful, inspirational, and powerful book!"
Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

"Please get this book and get back in touch with your mother—nature.  Reading about the sacredness of our earth creatures, the wild soul within you is ignited.  Come to life!   For anyone who wants to sustain themselves and the earth, this book is the medicine."
James M. Wanless, PhD, author of Sustainable Life: The New Success

"We live in a time where increasing numbers of people are turning once again toward the complex library of Nature within which everything is true. The authors are to be commended for they have created sacred medicine to help us access those natural truths for guidance and wisdom. “
Hank Wesselman, PhD, anthropologist and author of The Bowl of Light and co-author of Awakening to the Spirit World