Psychospiritual Counseling

Find greater harmony in your life, empower yourself, and live from the heart!

Providing individual, couples and family counseling that integrates mind body heart + spirit. We will connect with the wisdom and healing energies of nature as you empower yourself and embody transformation aligned with your highest good. I honor your internal wisdom, and view our transformational work together as a co-creation. Moving beyond talk, we will integrate healing energy work, Shamanic Breathwork™, art-making, and creative ceremony to assist you in stepping into empowerment, well-being, harmony, and your authentic truth. Connect with all of life as the amazing soulful being you are!

Counseling specialization includes:
•    Fertility, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Creative Process Counseling
•    Family & Couples Counseling
•    Parenting Support
•    Sexual Violence
•    Grief Counseling
•    Work and Career Transitions
•    Addiction & Recovery
•    Conflict Resolution