Shamanic Breathwork + Energy Healing

Utilize the breath and energy centers of your body to journey, vision, and powerfully transform your life! 

Shamanic Breathwork™ has been described as "a year of therapy in one session," "bypassing the intellect and going straight to the core," and "powerful, healing, and life-changing." The foundation of Shamanic Breathwork™ is that your shaman or wisdom keeper exists within. Just like Butterfly, you have everything you need inside you to transform your life. Using activational sacred music journeys, the power of the breath, energy healing and body work, Shamanic Breathwork™ assists journeyers to:
•    heal old wounds and trauma
•    release blockages and limting beliefs
•    embrace new insight and visions
•    experience healing transformation on a cellular level and beyond
•    reconnect mind body spirit + heart into your authentic WHOLE self